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Dear Guest,

We are delighted to be welcoming you to Wareham Forest, and would like to provide you with some helpful information to make your stay as relaxing, enjoyable and safe as possible with the challenges in these times of Coronavirus. We have tried to break it down into sections to make them easy to digest and ask that you please read everything carefully. We apologise for the amount of information required. Our aim is to look after you our guest, our team, and to reassure our local community that we are also supporting and protecting them.

As a goodwill gesture and to thank you for your understanding that facilities may be limited this year, we have made the parks guest wifi complimentary to everyone for this season. The attached information will also be available on our website.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday with us. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask any of the team, and we will do our best to assist you in these challenging times.

With best wishes from us all at Wareham Forest,

Tony & Sarah

Pre Arrival Information

  • We have links on our website to our Coronavirus pages regarding what facilities may be restricted during your holiday, as well as our Booking Terms and Conditions which includes a link to our normal Park Rules. We ask that you familiarise yourselves with this information before your arrival, particularly regarding extra or commercial vehicles.

  • As times have changed, we have also included copies of our “Responsible Holidays Guide” and “Park Facilities and BBQ’s” which we ask all guests to accept as we believe it is important that everyone is able to have an enjoyable and safe holiday in our local community.

  • Please ensure that your booking details are correct and you have paid the balance in full before arrival to assist with a safe and speedy check-in procedure. Please scan the QR codes and provide the contact details of all members over the age of 16 staying in your booking for “Track and Trace” requirements.

  • Whilst we have implemented an enhanced cleaning regime and provide extra hand washing and sanitising facilities around the park, we do ask that you also bring your own soaps, hand gels, disinfectants, hand sanitisers, etc – just to be on the safe side

  • If you are able to bring some of your own supplies of food and drink from home, this may help to reduce the reliance and congestion in local shops. We also have a good supply in our onsite shop.



  • Please plan to arrive between 12.30 and 7.00pm (no early arrivals please). This will mean that your pitch should be ready for you and allow safe separation between departing and arriving guests.

  • We ask that your family remain in your vehicle on the driveway. If we are not there waiting to book you in, please can one person only come to reception to book in while maintaining social distancing.


During your stay – what you can do:-

  • Enjoy your accommodation and the area of your pitch

  • Walk freely on the park and in the forest observing social distancing at all times from fellow guests and the park team

  • Talk and feedback any information or concerns you may have to any of our park team but always observe social distancing

  • Enjoy our lovely surrounding countryside, towns and beaches. We do ask that you support and respect the local communities challenges as we go through a difficult period for everyone. We have a superb location for us all to enjoy responsibly.

  • Toilet block facilities will be operated in a Covid safe and sensible manner. Unfortunately there may be delays and queues at busy times to ensure safe social distancing measures, or closures to allow cleaning and restocking to be carried out safely. We recommend using your own facilities as much as possible and ask for your patience, support and understanding.

  • Please wash your hands frequently, especially before visiting communal areas in the park, and make use of the hand washing and hand sanitation facilities provided.

During your stay – what we ask you not to do:-

  • meet or gather with friends in a social group, other than groups as suggested by current Government regulations around social distancing. We ask that while on the park this be a maximum of 6 people for everyone's safety.

  • invite or entertain visitors – we ask that your accommodation only be used by members of your own household or social bubble. Day visitors will not be allowed for everyone's safety.

  • allow children to roam unsupervised around the park so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance guidelines.


During your stay – Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Should you or any members of your booking show signs of Coronavirus as described by the NHS, you and your family must immediately isolate yourselves in your accommodation and follow the current Government guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. Please inform us as soon as possible by telephone on our Covid Number 01929 558323 so that we can ensure that areas where you have been are immediately cleaned and sanitised by our team.

  • Should you have already made arrangements to leave or have left, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can clean as above and discuss the balance of your booking.

  • Please note that if you have to remain on the park until you travel home, you will be liable for all the normal pitch and occupancy fees you incur, and extra expenses we incur (for isolating, loss of use and cleaning of facilities) throughout your period of isolation.


What to do on departure

  • Confirm with us that you or your family do not have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

  • Have a safe journey home and we hope to welcome you back soon. Thank you for staying with us at Wareham Forest.

Below are links to important information to help you during your stay:-

          The Responsible Holiday Guide is here.


           Information regarding Park facilities and BBQ's can be found here.

          Park Site Plan.

          Sika Cycle Trail Map.

          Hand Washing best practice

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